For the most part I think of myself more as an "appreciator"
than a "creator." I see something, most often some pattern in
the natural world, that I want to show you, and I do it, using
photography as my medium. Any adjustments I make to enhance
a mood, remove distractions or the like tend to be pretty
elementary. If any scenes here seem particularly striking or
unusual, well, mainly it's because they were.

In general, anyway. From time to time I will do some heavy
manipulation of an image, for a variety of reasons -- trying to
salvage a disappointing image by taking it in an entirely
different direction rather than just deleting it, or for
experimentation, or just following a whim. Sometimes I like the
results, but I don't want to mix such things in with pictures you
should be able to "believe." So fairly recently I made a separate
Gallery for them, called "Not Really."
For now, this site is being used to display photographs I have ready
for printing on request. (Click on "Galleries") It is intended mainly for
residents of north San Diego County to see what I have available and
to contact me to meet in person to see actual prints of images they
might wish to buy or display. Right now I'm not doing internet sales.
But things change, and that's a future possibility.

Recent changes:

Name. Or route name anyway. This site didn't start out to be an art
gallery, it just kind of turned into one. I think its name reflected its
origins well enough, but it didn't say much about its content. For
various technical and sentimental reasons I decided not to change
the name, but I recently made a more descriptive-sounding link to
guide people to it. So if you got here via, you're in
the right place, and if you've been here before via an oddolddude
moniker, welcome back; you can continue to get here the old way or
use the new one.

Two new Galleries. One is "Shore." I recently shot a number of
coastline pictures, and "Miscellany/Nature" is getting pretty packed,
so I made a new place for them. There are a number of other
coastline pictures scattered around the site and they will be
migrating to this spot as well.

Also new is "Featured." This site is pretty big and sprawly, and I don't
send out notifications when something new goes up. "Featured" will
highlight new or significantly modified images.
I make inkjet prints, using Epson inks and  Epson paper, most often Ultra Premium
Lustre. Most of the images have a 1.5 aspect ratio (fitting 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, etc., paper),
and I will make prints any size from 6x9 to 13x19 (though maintaining the original aspect

Prices (unmounted prints) are:

Under 8x12:  $45
8x12:  $55
10x15:  $65
Over 10x15:  $75

Prices for other sizes and/or aspect ratios are roughly in line with these. We can get
specific if you're interested in something that is not on the list.

Other presentations are also available, e.g. matted and in minimalist gallery frames,
larger prints, prints on other materials such as matte finish paper or canvas, and even
minor modifications of the prints themselves to suit your taste and space, at
significantly higher prices than shown above. We can discuss specifics if you have a
particular interest.

These pictures were taken with a variety of  equipment under a variety of conditions.
So resolution varies -- some of these are more than adequate, by any conventional
standards, at well beyond 13x19; some show the limits of their resolution at
considerably smaller sizes. (Of course the resolution you might require will depend on
the image, your tastes, and the use you are going make of the image.) This is one
reason I like to have a potential buyer look at the actual print before buying rather than
ordering online. A couple of other reasons: One, the colors and textures shown on
your computer screen will never be exactly the same as those on the actual prints --
sometimes the differences will not matter to you, and sometimes they may. Also,
sometimes when you have prints right in front of you, you find you would prefer a
different size than you had originally thought.

Image displays on this site are downsized and compressed for use here, so resolutions
on the actual prints tend to be higher than indicated by the screen images.  However,
the screen renditions are accurate enough that at higher magnification levels you will
be able to discern which pictures are inherently toward the high or low ends in terms
of resolution.

Images are copyright, all rights reserved.

For questions, or to make an appointment, click "contact us."
Oddolddude Home
Photos, and more, probably, sometime.
About this site
About my work
About the prints
Currently exhibiting:

Off Track Gallery
The Lumberyard
Encinitas, CA
(permanent rotating exhibit)

Wellness Center
115 Main Street, Vista,CA (old
(indefinite; rotating content)

Sargent Art Group
SD North County
(Variable participation, varied
North County locations, see SAG
website for events)

OMA/Art Alliance Exhibit (juried)
Herbert B. Turner Gallery
Southfair center
2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar
(through 5/31/15)

Some past venues and awards

Leucadia Artwalk

"Art from the Heart" exhibit
North Count Oncology Center

Pacific Liposculpture
La Jolla, CA

Element Salon
Temecula, CA

"Humanity and Nature" exhibit
Solana Beach Library

Encinitas Mother's Day Artist
Studio and Garden Tours

St. Tropez Bistro, Lumberyard,
Artist of the Month

North County Photographic
Society Annual Members' Exhibit,

Del Mar Fair International
Photography Exhibition
(juried, Honorable Mention)

Southwest Artists Association Top
100 Show (juried, all 2-D media,
Honorable Mention)

Vista Art Foundation Open Juried
Shows (Second and  third place,

COAL Gallery Annual Open Juried
Shows (honorable mention,

Garden Expressions of Art
(juried), San Diego Botanic

Mission Federal Artwalk (juried)
Little Italy district, San Diego

Off Track Gallery monthly shows,
numerous awards
About my background
Basically self-taught, to the degree that there really is such a
thing. Lots of rewarding interaction with other artists and photo-
graphers, a few classes, but no relevant degrees or pedigrees.

I "shot pictures" off and on for years, mainly to show people
things I had seen that they probably wouldn't get to, or at least
not notice. I liked to make them "good pictures" while I was at it,
but not with further exhibiting as a goal...though always with a
vague intention to get more serious about it "sometime."

Around 2007 it started to happen. I joined the Off Track Gallery
in Encinitas and some photo groups, upgraded my main camera
from a sixties-vintage Spotmatic to a modest but current DSLR ,
got a printer and scanner and some programs, and began to
learn how much I didn't know. Since then, short version, it's just
been continuing -- shooting, showing, learning how much I don't

And where is it going? Hard to say. And I guess that's sort of the
point. Basically I'm just exploring -- places, patterns, feelings,
ideas, techniques, whatever -- and throwing those results that
might interest others onto this site. And for the foreseeable, I
expect I'll just keep doing that. Results may vary. With luck, the
tendency will be toward getting better and more interesting. To
the degree that there's a "plan," that's it.   

A certain tradition says I should issue an "Artist's Statement"
somewhere around here. How's this: "The great thing about
calling yourself 'A Nature Photographer' is that you always have
an excuse to go places you want to go anyway." I hope these
Galleries will give you an idea of what I mean.